Since Avvo launched in 2007, we’ve become the go-to legal resource for millions of consumers every month.  That’s obviously also pretty great for the attorneys who are trying to help those consumers.  And the Avvo Rating?  It’s a big part of that consumer value.


But there’s always been a nagging concern for us: while our focus is on the consumer and those attorneys who help consumers, there’s a subset of lawyers who aren’t focused on consumers of legal services.  Not retail consumers, not small business consumers, often not even corporate or institutional consumers.  Many of these lawyers work in government, academia or in non-legal roles.  And for them – and consumers who might see their profiles – the Avvo Rating isn’t as useful.
We’ve always had a solution for these attorneys if they have a licensing status that reflects their non-consumer-facing orientation: inactive attorneys, government officials, judges – heck, even dead presidents.  These attorneys do not receive a numerical Avvo Rating and do not appear in our practice area search results (because Abraham Lincoln was a fine advocate in his day, but it’s not like anyone is going to be looking to hire him now – unless some vampires need killing).



But some lawyers who don’t actively practice still need to maintain a regular-old “active and in good standing” license.  And others actively practice, but for whatever reason aren’t interested in being found by consumers.
So we’ve added a new feature.  Starting today, any attorney who hasn’t been sanctioned may contact us and request that their Avvo Rating not be displayed.  Instead of looking like this:



7.2 rating


Their Avvo Rating will look like this:



Rating Not Displayed



It’s important to note two things about this feature:  First, it doesn’t impact client reviews, the client review rating, or the licensing information in an attorney’s profile – meaning that all of this information will still appear, even if the Avvo Rating does not.



Second, choosing this option means that an attorney’s profile will no longer appear in practice area search results on Avvo.  “Practice area search results” are those seen by consumers when looking on Avvo for a particular type of lawyer.  For example, Dallas estate planning lawyers.  A Dallas estate planning attorney who opted to not have their Avvo Rating displayed would not appear in these results.
This option is only available by writing into Avvo Customer Care.  So if you’re interested, drop us a note.  And please let us know what you think.


Michele on January 4, 2014  ·  Reply

I commend you for your new option. Thank you for understanding the diversity of legal practice.

Heather Mann on January 5, 2014  ·  Reply

While I appreciate Avvo’s attempts to create options for government attorneys whose profile ratings may be scored lower by operation of Avvo’s rating algorithm, the option to “hide” one’s rating creates an appearance of impropriety by prominently displaying at the top of an attorney’s profile the header: “This attorney has requested that their Avvo Rating not be displayed.” This creates the appearance that an attorney is trying to “hide” negative ratings, with confusing disclaimer-esque language in smaller font that the average viewer is unlikely to read (“Attorneys who have not been disciplined and who do not wish to appear in Avvo’s practice area search results may choose this option.”). Why can’t Avvo simply remove the rating from the site?

Gilbert Fleming on January 28, 2014  ·  Reply

Yes, what gives Avvo the right to rate lawyers that don’t want to be rated? Is AVVO some kind of a law enforcement agentcy?

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