Don’t know? Using Ignite shows you how.


This week, Avvo Ignite is excited to release a new report for email drip campaigns. Now attorneys who are using the feature to schedule automatic email campaigns and follow up messages can see how well the emails are performing, i.e., how many potential clients actually view the emails.


Don’t know what drip campaigns are, or how to best use them to improve your business marketing?


Drip email campaigns are an easy way to stay in touch with your prospects. Rather than having to send each contact a separate email, using Avvo Ignite, you can easily design and schedule a series of emails to send to different folks at different times. It is still 1 to 1 communication, but scalable because it is all automatic!


The most successful drip campaigns have very specific goals, for example:

  • Educating new clients
  • Helping manage follow-up for consultations
  • Supporting prospects while they are┬áresponding┬áto an intake request
  • Advertising more services to existing clients


By making good use of drip campaigns, your firm will benefit in many ways:

  • Making prospects ready for retainment
  • Reducing the time spent on educating prospects
  • Minimizing loss of a lead
  • Motivating the prospect to continue communication


With Ignite, we’ve made it easy to set up drip campaigns, so that it is easier than traditional email marketing. This investment pays off with measurable business benefits. And now, with the latest feature, you can see just how well your email messages are performing.


Ok! so where can you find it?

Click on the Reports tab on the top navigation and then click on Drip Campaigns on the left menu. You can always talk to your Personal Account Managers and know more about how the Ignite Drip Campaign can help you and your firm attain powerful and effecting marketing.


Puja Parakh

Product Manager, Avvo Ignite

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Ed Nelson on January 15, 2014

I’ve blundered into the AVVO site, and my comment seems encouraged — butI don’t see much to comment on. Yet. While I’m no attorney (I’m a text editor), I do find AVVO of interest. What I’ve seen of your site and your provision o lawyer profiles is particularly interesting.

Apparently I struck on AVVO because of my effort to know something of an attorney who is, for the moment, representing me.Because of a traffic accident, I asked neighbors for an attorney recommendation. A real estate operator offered the name of his own lawyer, Nicholas J/ Janis. In my disorganized search, I found the AVVO citation. And it idnicated that, 20-odd years ago, he’d had his license suspended.

Predictably, I know nothing about why, for how long, or by whom. My efforts to ibnquire of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission have so far drawn no information, although there appears to have been some “professional misconduct” involved.

No meeting seemed possible until, in court, “my lawyer” nodded to me and took a nearby seat. Thus far I’m being fined $>200 and have another hearing due in about a monnth/ So far as I could tell, there was no exchange between Mr. Janis, but a letter tells me his fee will be $00. This although I don’t feel any gyuilt.

You will recognize me strong interest in learnine about my counsel as soon as possible.

Does all this stand legitimately as a “comment”? I can’t say, of course, but it constitutes the basis for my awareness of AVVY. I’ll continue efforts to find what, if anything, the initial letters “AVVU” represent. Thanks for your attention.

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