In the summer of 2012, it was announced that Avvo would be moving office locations for the fourth time in six years. We’ve zig-zagged all over downtown Seattle, and this latest move had us headed to the International District – just south of the downtown core. Moving is exhausting and exciting, and we keep doing it because we keep out-growing our spaces. We had maxed out the space in our last office to the point where any new hires would have had to sit on someone’s lap!


The difference with this move is that we had the chance to influence the layout and the style in a way we never chose to afford before. Josh started by creating a Pinterest board and soliciting ideas from everyone in the company. The pin board filled up fast with ideas borrowed from other workspaces and companies we admired. We looked at how we were currently using our space, and made note of what we could use more of (whiteboards!).


We were all invited to participate in deciding how our office would reflect who we are as a company, and how we wanted to use our space. I’m not sure many people get the privilege of contributing in that way to the definition of their workspace, but it has given us all a sense of investment.


Then we packed our stuff up in bright orange crates, ate a last lunch at our favorite north-downtown haunts (many of us trekked to Bambinos), and bid a fond farewell to the 19th floor of Century Square. It served us well.




We’ve been settling in to our new digs for about three weeks now. Having gone through all four moves, I can say that it doesn’t really matter where we end up. A new office can be exciting and rejuvenating, but at the end of the day, it’s your team that matters. You don’t look forward to going to work because of the color of the walls or the amount of whiteboard space (though both are nice). It’s when you’ve got a problem worth solving and a great team to solve it that “work” becomes a labor of love.


P.S. Check out some of our favorite International District lunch options!


April White on June 1, 2013

Why are there so many Asian restaurants and only two non-Asian? Aren’t you much for browsing or are these the only options in your new area? Just curious.

Cristin Carey on June 3, 2013

Hi April, we are located in the International District (Chinatown) area of Seattle so vast majority of restaurants near us are locally owned mom-and-pop asian food restaurants. We started the Pinterest board to share our favorite hole in the wall discoveries.


Carolyn Lasky on June 19, 2013

I doubt you will publish this but I will write it anyway. Your site is a joke. I have been practicing law for 46 years, the last 33 of which has been in York County PA. I know who are the good lawyers here and who are not. The ratings you publish are totally reversed. Furthermore, you have me down as far less experienced than I am and as limiting my practice solely to family law, which is neither correct, nor is it what my website indicates. People who rate especially family law attorneys are either friends or those whose expectations were totally unrealistic. Rarely is there a “winner” in family law. One of the ratings of one of my colleagues is from a client who left owing $19,000.00! You apparently have no concern whatsoever for the adverse impact you may have on those who deserve better!

Cristin Carey on June 19, 2013

Hi Carolyn,

It is never our intention to post incorrect information and I will do my best to update your practice areas based on your website. You are also welcome to email our Customer Care team anytime with additional corrections (customercare at, they are happy to help. In regards to client reviews, we read every review before it is posted to ensure it meets our community guidelines. We also invite attorneys to respond to reviews posted for them so that potential clients will have the full story. The best information comes directly from attorneys themselves, which is why it is free for any attorney to claim their profile on Avvo and update the information in it. The more information we know, the better the Avvo Rating will reflect the accomplishments of the individual.


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