For some time, mankind has been known to consume products that aid in increasing memory, removing fatigue and depression, and looking younger. At Avvo, we don’t concern ourselves with such frivolous stuff. We’re focused on more important things, like giving an extra kick to the spice levels of our hot sauces to amuse and abuse our taste buds.



We love our spicy foods—at any given point in time, there are at least seven different hot sauces in our kitchen. This head-banging, unadulterated love of spice is one of the things that helps drive our day-to-day legal method, madness, and thinking (honestly, it’s all the same), which is just one of Avvo’s many idiosyncrasies.


We like to think of ourselves as men and women of great taste. The normal (really, one could say banal) places like Costco or Seattle’s specialized spice stores just don’t hit the right note on our culinary palettes. That’s why we invented Dead Rooster™.


Dead Rooster is the product of Avvo software developer Jeff Ching’s extraordinary imagination, and has elevated us from this misery once and for all. Jeff’s formula combines the ubiquitous Sriracha with Dave’s Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce. We think this really could be the next big thing to rock the food world—Iron Chef, watch out. One drop of this concoction in any dish will knock your socks off—an explosion of tastes that will instantly transform you into a mass of quivering, blissful ecstasy.


So give it shot. Try it for yourself and join us in our ode to spice perfection.


The Dead Rooster recipe as told by Jeff:  “Mix this much (holds forefinger and thumb about a half centimeter apart, probably about 1 tsp) of Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce with that much (holds fingers somewhat farther apart, probably about 1 cup) Sriracha.” Add more of Dave’s if you can handle it (but you do so at your own peril).



Disclaimer“: Consumption of Dead Rooster™ Sauce can be addictive and may reignite the spice in your life. Consumption of this sauce should carefully be monitored for the first few days. Consult a doctor beforehand if you have known symptoms of heart burn, stomach ache, and/or are pregnant. Oh, and don’t be that noob who rubs your eyes right after touching the sauce.

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