Michael Kim, Avant Law Corporation on March 11, 2013

We’ve been with Avvo Ignite since the beginning of the year and I have called upon Scott’s knowledge and expertise on multiple occasions. We’ve been extremely happy with the level of personal service and attention he’s given to our website and online presence. Further, he’s been on top of every little issue we’ve had with a positive attitude. Thanks Scott!

John B. Whalen, Jr., Esq. on March 11, 2013

… There is not enough space here for me to describe my interactions with Scott Heric in the past 3 years … from his initial start to his position today, I have had the incredible pleasure of being able to deal with Scott (as well as Avvo itself) … he is prompt, professional, always available, and he and I have had the pleasure of developing a very, very enjoyable working relationship … there are simply not enough good adjectives to describe what an asset he is to Avvo …


Matthew D. Scott on March 12, 2013

I have been working with Scott for a couple of months now, getting a new website built for my law office. He has been very easy to work with.

Most of my prior experiences with web designers and SEO specialists have left me frustrated, either because the content writers couldn’t write well, or I had to repeat my requests to a half-dozen new people before seeing results. In this instance, the only person with whom I have had dealings is Scott. He listens, follows through, checks back, and makes sure I am happy with the product. I have been treated fairly and considerately, and never have I been made to feel an idiot because I don’t have total mastery of the technical jargon.

I recommend Scott’s work to anyone in the same boat.

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