It’s still too hard to hire an attorney.

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 Today, we’re making it easier.

A lot has changed since we launched Avvo nearly 6 years ago. Our goal was to shine a flashlight into a dark place. Clients of legal services didn’t have the information they needed to search, select, and hire great attorneys. We changed the game by giving consumers access to key information in a way that is easy to understand and use. We’ve since layered on an expert-only Q&A forum that just broke the 2 million answer mark. By offering a forum to prospective clients, it’s easier than ever to find a great lawyer. However, we think it can be even easier. Over half of those that have a legal problem choose not to hire a lawyer. And, in many of those cases, they’re making the wrong decision.



Uhm, I think you need a lawyer…



The genesis of this idea came from seeing questions like the one on top.

Frankly, if you have a legal problem like that, you don’t need to be asking questions in our Q&A forum — you need to be  hiring an attorney. Ironically, though, you often need to ask a question to figure that out.


The pattern of our questions

At the heart of many of our questions lies a few sub-questions:

  1. Should I hire an attorney?
  2. What kind of outcome can I expect?
  3. Can I afford it (or… can I afford to not hire an attorney)?


When we mapped this out, we realized we could do both attorneys and clients a greater service if we just codified those key questions into a simple, quick experience.


Introducing the Avvo Legal Marketplace

In addition to asking questions in our Q&A forum, clients will now have the option to privately seek guidance on how to proceed with their individual situation. We then match the case to attorneys who provide specific responses, which will help guide clients down a direction that works best for them. We’ll notify clients of new responses by sending an email. From here, clients can call right into the firm and decide to make a hiring decision. We then close the loop and allow clients to rate their experience.


It works seamlessly. Attorneys have the ability to showcase their expertise, provide a personalized response, and quickly qualify clients for fit before scheduling a consultation. Clients have the ability to take a single action and get multiple attorneys to weigh in within a short time period. We still believe that many potential clients think it’s too hard to hire an attorney. It’ll take too much time. Or, that the cost will be unpredictable and opaque. By eliminating those fears, we’ll create a whole new segment of clients for law firms. It’s a win-win —  what Avvo has always been about.



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