Hello. My name is Sachin Bhatia and I manage the product team at Avvo. I’d like to welcome you to the new Avvo Blog—thoughts, announcements, and explanations of the world of Avvo.


The reintroduction of the Avvo Blog is centered on our desire to have a dialogue about the products of Avvo. This blog hasn’t received much attention over the past few months; instead, we were actively pursuing conversations via webinars, Twitter, Facebook , and LinkedIn. We will remain active on those venues, as well as continuing to blog about consumer legal issues on NakedLaw, and the business side of the law on Lawyernomics.


With all of those existing channels, why keep this alive? It’s simple—while we are always working to improve our product, often times we’re not getting the word out. I’m constantly running into attorneys and clients who don’t realize that we already have the feature they wish we had. So the sweet spot for this blog is talking about the products we’re building: the what, the why, and even the how.


In the coming weeks, expect to see employees of Avvo talking about features and enhancements. We’ll also bring in customers of Avvo explaining how they use our products. I encourage you to bookmark this page and subscribe to our feed.


We promise to make it worth your while.


John Rogers on February 11, 2013  ·  Reply

Hi ! What is the purpose of the blog ?
Thanks !

Sachin Bhatia on February 11, 2013  ·  Reply

We’re going to use this blog to talk about our products — not only the what, but the how we approach the problems and the people behind it all.

michael howard on February 15, 2013  ·  Reply

Avvo is a blessing especially when someone does not know where to go or what to do. Avvo gave me right direction and, fortunately, my problems were solved. So, I did not need an attorney. But, if I need one, i sure will use one from Avvo.

Richard Rizk on February 12, 2013  ·  Reply

Sachin: Thanks for the update. What are the new products you expect to blog about? Avvo Ignite? Bidding for legal services? What else? I am preparing for an interview with Josh King in March. Will the new blog be limited to discussions about Avvo products?

Thanks for your help. Richard Rizk

Sachin Bhatia on February 12, 2013  ·  Reply

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we’ll be talking about Avvo Ignite and a few Avvo.com features that are in beta right now which allow clients to connect to lawyers in new ways (hint- it’s not “bidding”). One of the things I hope to talk about soon is our new branding & navigation and our move away from health. And, we’ll likely give updates on how the site is being used (I love data). I don’t think we’ll intentionally limit the discussion to just Avvo products — we’ll try to talk about products that are generally useful for both clients and attorneys.
- Sachin

Gyi on February 13, 2013  ·  Reply

Hey Sachin,

I’d love to see some data from Ignite (i.e. lead cycles, conversion rates, etc).

Sachin Bhatia on February 13, 2013  ·  Reply


I know you would! It’s on our list. I’ll likely put out pieces of general data (infographic-like) this summer. Right now, we’re still in data collection mode.


Fred Caldwell on May 29, 2013  ·  Reply

My sister was misrepresented at a murder trial in San Diego by one of your “Excellent” rated criminal defense lawyers. She and her family were appauled by his approach to her case which ultimately included him quoting Adolf Hitler (of all people) in his Closing Arguments to defend her. He told us pre-trial we could not replace him because it was “too close to trial” and “the judge would never allow it”. – something we were to naieve to know was not so. Long story short, my sister’s side of the story was completely covered up by this man and she is now serving 26 to life for a crime she did not do. (She was with me 6 miles away at the time of the murder, and even I who was told by her lawyer I would take the stand at trial, was never called to reveal this). For these and a few other highlights of his representation, she wrote a non-stellar review on your avvo site which I posted for her. She was factual and fair, yet her poor rating for the lawyer and her explanation was deleted from the man’s profile here. I was just wondering how often that happens when the public is hornswaggled like this because of your site’s glowing accolades alone. Likewise, I don’t expect you to leave this comment up long. But thanks anyway for this opportunity.

hank on June 6, 2013  ·  Reply

I had submitted a comment few months ago by one of their Superb lawyer with a rating of 10. I was deceived, misrepresented and hid all investigative reports to exonerate me. On top of that he plead me to a lesser charge without consulting me. This lawyer should be taken out of your list. How can I do that when I can’t even post a comment wiithout being screened. AVVO gets paid and I think that’s all they care about.

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