Hi, my name is Tim Ahlers, and I’m the new guy on the block—I joined the product management team at Avvo late last year.


I’ve spent most of the last 20 years building software—desktop, mobile and web, consumer, business and enterprise. What I hadn’t done is work on a large-scale, customer-facing website, and the opportunity to do that is one of the things that attracted me to Avvo. In addition to learning about a new industry and adding some new product management skills to my quiver, what I’ve enjoyed the most so far is getting to work with the great team of people here.


Because we’re a fairly lean organization, I’m in charge of a very broad part of the Avvo website, which encompasses most of the pages and features of the site that have been around for a while. Like any good product manager, I have to walk the narrow line of preserving what’s working and improving what isn’t. If you’ve been to our home page lately, you’ll see one of the things I’ve worked on since I’ve been here; we embarked on a redesign project about six weeks ago and just launched it last week. I’m also driving some experiments to see if we can get people more of the legal information they’re looking for when they end up on one of our question and answer pages.


In my spare time, I’m a stereotypical Seattleite: I love the mountains, the water, and the city and try to spend time regularly in each. I also thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my beautiful young daughter and lovely wife. With spectacular scenery and fun subjects, I’m often working on my photography skills—the photo with this post is one I took a couple of years ago in Alaska.


I’ll close with a question that you can answer in the comments: if you could make one improvement to the Avvo website, what would it be and why?


John Rogers on February 16, 2013

Create an app !

Tim Ahlers on February 19, 2013

Hi John,

I suspect you’ve seen our Avvo Lawyers app for iPhone and iPad (http://goo.gl/zcBDF). Maybe you’re suggesting we need a consumer app as well?


Mark Kelly on May 9, 2013

Tim – it is awesome that you are a part of the Avvo team. They hit the jackpot when you decided to come on board.

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